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Citrus trees can be found everywhere in the Serra de Tramuntana. With their fruits, they provide valuable ingredients for the production of fruity ice cream, which is manufactured in small ice cream factories of Sóller and which provides locals and tourists a delicious refreshment on hot summer days. Carob trees are widely spread in the Serra. Many do not know what to use the pea-sized kernels in the bean-shaped carob pods for. Straight from the tree into the mouth, they are a healthy snack with a taste of marzipan, caramel, coffee and tobacco.

Mallorca is famous for its beauty in spring during the almond blossom. For centuries the almond groves have been the source of livelihood of many farmers. After harvesting in late summer, the almonds are either sold raw, roasted or ground or processed in a number of ways. For example, to oil, spirits, spread or marzipan.