Discover the local products of the Serra de Tramuntana

Terraced orchards, olive groves, traditional dry-stone buildings and a clever irrigation system characterize the landscape of the Serra de Tramuntana. 

A visible testimony of how the locals have learned over the centuries to live in harmony with nature and to take advantage of the steep slopes of the mountain range for agriculture and livestock farming. The products are grown on the terraces and in the orchards patio beds according to traditional methods.

By purchasing products from regional local producers, you are supporting the preservation of agriculture and landscape in the Serra de Tramuntana and can enjoy this corner of the Mediterranean experience your stay with all your senses!.

At the weekly markets, in farm shops and cooperatives or in small, often family-run shops where, for example, wine, olives, oils, honey, fruits, cosmetics or lamb are offered, you have the chance to get in touch directly with the farmers and producers!

The webpage is a directory to facilitate the purchase of local products that help to maintain the marvelous landscape of the Serra, allowing farmers to preserve it as it is now.

With your purchase, you help to preserve the Serra de Tramuntana.